Using A Computer Without Antivirus Software

Using A Computer Without Antivirus Software

There are a few tips that you should know when it comes to using a computer without antivirus software. If you have inter-office computers that do not connect to the internet then you can use them without installing antivirus software on them. These computers will be safe from hackers, viruses, malware, adware, and Trojans.

If you have a computer at home that plays only the games that you buy on disc you do not have to put antivirus software on it. Make sure that this computer does not have any connection to the internet just in case you buy a disc that has a malware on it.

If you are a school that teaches computer skills to children and the machines cannot be connected to the internet then you do not have to have antivirus software installed on them. These computers will be safe from all threats.

All other computers need to antivirus software installed on them. If you have ever noticed when you buy a new computer there is antivirus software already installed on the system. This software will only be good for a period of thirty to sixty days. At the end of this trial period you will be prompted by the software manufacturer to buy another version of this software.

You must have security software ready to install on your system if you do not plan on using the one that is already on it. You can go to any store that sells computer accessories, games, and software, and find these security applications packaged and ready to take home.

Many of these antivirus programs you buy will be good to install on multiple computers. You will likely be able to install the security software on three computers. This makes them great for families or to share with friends. If you share with your friends you can split the cost of the antivirus program.

You can also look online for trial versions and free software that protects you from malware, adware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and all other threats. Free downloads can be risky because the best place to find a Trojan or other malware hiding is in a free download. Make sure that the download you get is from a reputable company and is free of viruses before you agree to it.

You must remove your old antivirus before installing a new one. The free downloads will prompt you to close your computer and remove the existing protection you have. They will also instruct you to shut your computer down and restart it.