Understanding Your Slow Computer

Understanding Your Slow Computer

A computer is a wonderful gateway to the internet. It connects us to other people, to businesses, and to entertaining activities. When we first get our computers they work fast and we are delighted to spend hours in front of their glowing monitors surfing the web.

Inevitably a day will come when the computer we were so proud of starts to slow down. When this happens we spend hours in front of the glowing monitor trying to surf the web. We become frustrated because pages with a lot of video content will not load without us having to refresh several times.

Your slow computer is partly your fault. When you get the device it comes loaded with a few sample applications and other than that the hard drive is free. Your fastest speeds will happen in the first few weeks after you bring the machine home. Then you begin to place things on the hard drive and use up memory space. The less memory space you have the slower your computer works.

You can have additional memory put into your computer. Most stores that sell computer accessories sell the memory sticks that provide additional amounts of memory. It is important to know the exact amount of memory that your machine is qualified to have so that you do not overload it. If you overload it with memory space you will slow it down even more.

You also have to understand that sometimes your machine is working slower because it is older. Things start to wear out as they age and they do not work as fast or as efficiently as they once did. If your machine is more than a couple of years old then age may be the problem.

Viruses and attacking Trojans cause this equipment to slow down also. A virus can make any program on your system run slower than normal. They can also make the computer be unresponsive to commands. You may have a difficult time bringing a program up or keeping a program up and running. Viruses can make your machine act like it has a mind of its own.

Good antivirus software is not expensive and is recommended for every computer that is going to have an internet connection. Your antivirus software is what stands between you and the viruses that would love to enter your territory. Make certain that you get this type of security as soon as you get the computer.

Just having antivirus software will not stop intruders. Just having a lock on your front door will not stop a thief unless you remember to lock the lock. Antivirus software does not automatically stop all threats unless you allow it to automatically scan your system for intruders and automatically upgrade when one becomes available.

It is up to you to arm your system and keep it armed so that you do not fall victim to a computer hacker and their spyware installation. Your computer slows down as a result of viruses and it is up to you to try and prevent this from happening.