Tips On Installing Antivirus Software On Your Computer

Tips On Installing Antivirus Software On Your Computer

Even today, when so many people do everything online, there are some people who are new to the world of the internet. The number one thing that all newbies have to learn is that nothing should be done until you install antivirus software on your computer.

When you got your computer it more than likely had antivirus software already installed on it. You probably used this program until the time limit ran out, and you may have even purchased the antivirus after the time ran out.

You may have found out that there are cheaper antivirus software applications available and want to change to one of those programs now. This should help you to install a new antivirus on your computer.

To start with you need to browse the internet until you find the antivirus download that you want to try. Many of your most popular security programs have free versions on the internet. You are always given the option of upgrading to a better quality package when the fee trial period is over, but the basic coverage will not cost you a penny.

Before you can put a new antivirus on your computer you must remove the old one from your computer. The two programs are not compatible and will cause problems in your system if the first one is not removed prior to installing the new one.

You need to go to your start menu and then click on control panel. Next you want to go to add or remove programs and remove the old antivirus that you have on your system. Then you can start the download of the new program. You may have to allow the computer to be re-started in order for the removal of the old version to be completed properly.

The new system download will have a step by step guide to help you get it on your computer. If you buy software that has a disk then remove the old antivirus from your hard drive and place the disc that come in the software package in your reader.

Simply follow the step by step instructions for installing and then registering your product. You want to make certain you are signed up to receive automatic updates so you never miss an important one. If the program offers to allow you to schedule weekly scans then go ahead and do this at this time.