Tips On Dealing With A Slow Computer

Tips On Dealing With A Slow Computer

It can really be aggravating when you sit down at the computer to do something and it takes an eternity for the program you want to use to load. It is also aggravating when you have to wait so long for the next page to load that you cannot play the games on the social media sites, or get pictures your friends post to load without refreshing the page several times. When your computer starts to act like this it is tempting to throw it in the trash.

The problem you are experiencing is had by everyone that owns a computer at some time. It may not be your internet connection speed, or your internet provider, but it may be malware that is dragging your systems down and causing the programs on your computer to run slower than normal.

Malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and Trojans are all malicious programs placed on your computer by someone else. These software applications are used to gather information or to make your computer do the suspicious work they need done. When one of these programs are running in the background while you are trying to work another program then both of the programs will work at slower speeds than they should.

If your computer is running slower than you want it to, or slower than it once did, you need to first run your antivirus software scan to determine if there is a virus on your computer that it recognizes. Not ever virus will be recognized by your antivirus software, so just because your security program does not find a virus does not mean that there is not one there.

If your antivirus program reports nothing is found after a full system scan make certain that you have all of the latest updates installed. The updates may contain some new virus information that was not previously on your program. After you have updated your antivirus run the full system scan again to see if it detects something new.

If you do not discover the virus living in your backgrounds then you can purchase specialized programs for malware removal. These specialized software applications may be aware of virus threats that your original antivirus was not aware of.

When you absolutely cannot find the virus that has invaded your private space, and yet you are sure one is lurking there, you can go into the control panel of your computer and take your computer back to a time when it was working correctly. You can also remove the operating system that is on the device and replace it with another version that is not infected.

If you go as far as to remove your operating system then you must do this cautiously because if you do this incorrectly then you can render your computer useless. If you are uncertain about the process of removing your operating system, or of taking your computer back to an earlier time, then ask someone for help.