TikTok is also copying BeReal

Earlier today, Zoom was reported to have been developing an alternative to Gmail and Google Calendar. However, it looks like Zoom isn’t the only one sinking its teeth deeper into the productivity market. Rising star Canva is also coming up with new features to compete against the usual giants in the segment.

As of late, you might have noticed a vast proliferation of beautiful presentations during work meetings. If your coworkers are mum about how they made pretty PowerPoints, meet their coconspirator, Canva. The online platform has created an extremely easy-to-use way to design graphics without the use of Photoshop.

Now, Canva is going beyond simple design. Announced today, the company has announced Canva Docs, a design-oriented word processor. If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Docs will compete against the popular Google Docs. Much like the latter, Canva Docs will allow users to edit text and collaborate with one another in a single document. However, it will also feature the platform’s 100 million design assets to spice up a simple report. Plus, a new Docs to Decks feature will easily convert a document into a presentation.

Besides Docs, Canva is also launching Websites, a way to create sites easily using Canva’s simple system. Like other site development platforms such as Squarespace, Websites will let you buy domains straight from the editor.

Finally, the company is getting into video editing. With Canva Video, users can apply the same presentation design to video. Among other video editing features, the new platform showcases a one-click background remover.

While Docs is currently in beta access, Websites and Video are already available for use today on Canva’s website.

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