The Best Ways to Learn IOS9 Programming Language

The Best Ways to Learn IOS9 Programming Language

The Best Ways to Learn IOS9 Programming Language : iOS9 is the latest version of Apple’s operating system that was released in June 2015. Apple is one of the three largest operating systems that currently dominate the smartphone market and is continuously growing at an exponential speed.

As a successor to iOS8, the new version came with significant upgrades over its predecessor. This time around, the company focused less on the features and instead on optimizing the technology under the hood and the battery. Some enhancements include a two-finger drag option for selection on the Keyboard, replacing the Newsstand app with a new News App, Notes offering more attachment options, support for transit directions in Maps, multiple multitasking features, a more proactive Siri, 3D Touch integration (Peek and Pop, Quick options), and also a significant improvement on the battery life.

A newer form of App development was also introduced with the introduction of Swift 2, the successor to Swift programming language. Apple’s Swift language is a significant upgrade to using objective-C and also makes iOS programming easier because of its concise syntax and interactive nature. Swift 2 offers an even faster compiler, new fix-it suggestions and mark-down syntax to make the language easier to learn.

In today’s tech driven world, apps have somewhat taken over the world and become an important aspect for everyone today. If you wish to become an iOS programmer and learn how to make iOS apps, there are many different online resources that are available that can help you learn how to build iOS apps in no time. In this article below, I have listed 6 different resources that are not only easy to include in your busy schedule but are also very pocket friendly.

1. Apple Documentation

The best way to learn a new programming language is to look at the official documentation provided by the company. Apple has released extensive documentation dedicated to Swift and all of its features. You don’t even need to create a Developer account to access the documents or even download Xcode from the Mac App.

The documentation contains the history of Swift, how to start learning Swift and even includes sample codes and reference materials to easily help you learn Swift. It is also the best way to remain updated to the changes that are being made to the coding and even new features that are being introduced.

2. AppCoda iOS Programming Course

AppCoda is a website that has dedicated itself to providing free of cost iOS programming tutorials for anyone that wishes to learn. If that is not enough, they have also released a book on iOS Programming that breaks down the concepts for people who prefer to work with textual materials or want extra reading resources. The website is awesomely organized and breaks down the tutorials between Beginner, Intermediate and other headings – allowing you to pick up courses based on your skill level.

3. O’Reilly – iOS 9 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

For someone like me who prefers to find everything they want in one place, this is the perfect resource. Although it might make a little dent in the bank, it is completely worth the price. O’Reilly’s iOS9 Programming Fundamentals with Swift is the perfect book that covers everything you might need to learn not only about Swift but also Xcode, and Cocoa Basics. It is seriously the all in one resource that will constantly be handy when you need it.

4. Swift podcasts

If you are the type of person who prefers to learn while doing, well then here is the knowledge of many different developers at your fingertips. No longer do you need books and step by step tutorials, instead learn everything you need to know by listening to the great minds. There is no bar for experience, as both beginners and advanced users can benefit from this. If this particular podcast doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry there are many different podcasts on Swift and iOS programming languages that are simply a Google search away.

5. HACKING WITH SWIFT – Free Tutorials

Hacking with Swift is a website full of rich tutorials that can easily catch you up with Swift if you have just decided to hitch on to the bandwagon. The website is authored by Paul Hudson, who has created many successful apps for big names such as Fender, Virgin, Jamie Oliver, Odeon, Tesco, etc. The website gives the user the freedom to start wherever they are comfortable, making it easier for even advanced users to get on board. In addition to some theory, the tutorials are broken down into 30 projects in Level 1: 10 app projects, 10 game projects, and 10 technique projects. Hudson is also continuously adding more projects, so you can keep on learning and growing.


RAYWENDERLICH is a community of developers that aim to help each other grow by creating tutorials for budding developers. Their objective is to take the most challenging topics and simplify them for everyone to learn. However, this might be a little expensive as a PDF version of their iOS9 tutorials costs around US$54. That being said, the tutorials cover everything you might need to learn iOS9. They have different books depending on if you are a beginner or intermediate.