So You Need a New Computer?

So You Need a New Computer?

 There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that they really do need to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. It may be a scary prospect as there are a dizzying array of things on the market all the time, but keeping in mind what you actually want and what your budget is can really help you find the best machine for your needs.

The first thing you will have to decide is do you want a laptop or a desktop computer? If you want to be comfortable in your work space and have a dedicated work space already you may want a desktop. Sure they take up more room than a laptop and they’re not at all portable but they usually give you more performance for the money and they are cheaper to repair should anything go awry. You will get a larger screen with a desktop, better speakers and an all around better product should you want to sit in the same place day in and day out to do your computing.

A laptop of course is more practical for when you need to take your computer with you. It can be set up anywhere and all you have to do is periodically recharge it. On the downside, you may find yourself computing on the floor or the couch which may give you a back or neck strain. Laptops usually have smaller screens and less performance for the same price as a desktop.

Once you have chosen between stationary or portable you will have to understand the processor and RAM that each computer will come with. For this to matter you really need to know what you will be doing with your new computer. Do you want to do high end gaming or is it mostly for writing articles and checking social media accounts? The higher the numbers for the processor and RAM the more power and storage your computer will have.

For the fun stuff computers, especially laptops now come in a variety of colours so you can rock a bright red or purple machine or just stick to basic black. However you cut it, looking for a new computer can be time consuming so do some homework before you set out to the store and keep your budget in mind at all times.