SideSlide – customizable launchpad

Aside from the fact it’s layout is really nice, there be some bugs here. First of all, upon restarting Windows, the application refuses to minimize or shut off, if I shut the process down from task manager, then it begins working correctly again. It will not add short cuts such as Control Panel or My Computer, or even many files I have on my system, not saying it’s a bug, just not supported I think. RSS option is a nightmare, if I subscribe to Snapfiles freeware, SideSlide prevents me from browsing Snapfiles links. I tested it in IE, Firefox and it continues to do so. I stop the process, web pages return to normal. This seriously needs some work before I’ll use it but it’s a very interesting software and I truly do like it despite it’s issues. Once fixed, between CoolBarz and this, it will make my computing life a whole lot easier. For now, a 3 at best. Review details

Within the last couple of weeks Sideslide has improved by fixing a few irritating bugs. Some may say that these were inconsequential but they were somewhat annoying. Now that all of these have been attended to, I have no choice but to amend my previous rating of 4. It now has a rating of 5. I cannot imagine a program/application/folder/file/url launcher improving on this one. If it was a browser, it would be Firefox as it is so customizable. Great work. Review details

The help file is not fancy. But the software is very powerful. It doesn’t write anything elsewhere than in its own directory, and you can even run multiple instances of it : wiping the directory just uninstall the whole thing ! Wish every freeware developer use the same respectful method … The main limit of SideSlide is the poor implementation of recursivity regarding folders. You can display a folder’s content into a container block, but as soon as you click on a subfolder icon, the normal Windows Explorer is open (one would have expect the subfolder to open in the container instead). Despite this limit I highly recommend this software. Review details