ReNamer Lite – flexible file and folder renamer

I use to ‘fix’ the names of music files that seem to change at will. Whether its deleting the first two or three characters or stripping from the end. It simply works. The proofing feature makes this great. Try it and you will determine quickly whether its for you or not. Review details

PROS: Re-Namer is a nice small program that has 14 renaming commands which allow fairly easy renaming for simple jobs. Most of the commands are easy to make and works well. You can also add more than one item to a Command line.. thus when you delete something like “BlueRay” from a file name you can also add dozens of more items “DVD”, “R5”, “Stupid Name” etc. Also many commands add items lile DELETE offers options for period, comma, brackets, underline, etc., CONS: Not all commands are easy and no really good instructions or examples are given.. forget this guy helping you even if you buy! The LITE version only gives you 5 Command Lines.. that means 9 of the Commands are virtually useless if you need them unless you upgrade. Upgrade is EXPENSIVE.. consider this is a fairly easy program in terms of programming with dozens of good free programs on the open source market…. To upgrade to the PRO version it will cost 17.99… Simply A FOOLS Price! GENERAL: If you need true versatility without restrictions at a good price or free… MOVE ON!!!! If you need a quick easy program to set up to rename a certain type of file you use daily… i.e. If you download from Torrents! then you can set this up with a PRESET Review details

This program used to be my top choice of mass renaming files for complex and difficult jobs. Its flexible “sequence of rules” approach really made the difference for me. Not anymore though. Since version 1.72, the author decided to introduce a “Lite vs. Pro” licensing model for his products. The result is a set of heavy restrictions: in the case of ReNamer Lite both the number of presets and rules has a max. limit of 5. Although these may be enough for simple tasks, but forget complex jobs. So my advice is to either try to find an older, unrestricted freeware version of ReNamer on the net, or choose another mass renamer. Review details