Protect Yourself From Cybercrime and Internet Fraud

Protect Yourself From Cybercrime and Internet Fraud

Protect Yourself From Cybercrime and Internet Fraud : Cyber crime and Internet Frauds are the fastest growing problems in the world of Internet. It is a criminal activity that involves internet for identity theft, financial fraud, web site defacement, credit card account thefts and cyber bullying. It can lead to financial damage and potentially threaten a victim’s status and personal security.

It is difficult to inspect and take legal action because it often crosses official authorities and even international boundaries. They are becoming more complicated and are targeting consumers as well as public and private organizations. As we have heard “Information is Powerful” and this is which gives criminals the power to misuse your personal information. The Internet is an appealing medium for criminals to commit almost any illegal activity anywhere in the world because it allows anonymous contact with a large pool of victims without incurring significant costs.

It can creep into computers and corporate networks in a variety of ways, by the use of “malware” – malicious software that can be downloaded to computers without the user’s knowledge and “social engineering” which amounts to trapping computer users into revealing passwords and other private data. In past, it has been committed by an individuals or a small groups of individuals, now we are seeing a rising trend with traditional organized crime associations and criminally minded technology professionals working together and grouping their resources and skill. Criminals normally utilize viruses or Trojans to infect large numbers of computers and to form a network of controlled computers, or a botnet as a force multiplier, to collect information and assault more online victims. The most commonly reported cyber crimes are Phishing, Hacking and Stalking or Harassment. Leaving a lot of information about yourself online can lead you in danger if went in the wicked hands.

In the past several years, many new anti-cyber crime acts have been passed authorizing federal, state, and local authorities to investigate and prosecute these crimes. But, law enforcement requires your support to stop the evil deeds of cyber criminals and bring them to justice. When it comes to safeguard you from Cyber crime and Internet Fraud, be smart and sensible. Keep in mind that everything on the internet is secure and confidential. Be careful of downloading from websites you are insecure of and come up with complicated passwords.

Protecting Yourself from Cyber crime and Internet Fraud

• Your personal information can provide immediate link to your financial accounts, your credit record and other assets they require to cheat you blind. The finest way to keep away from this is to use sophisticated password and not save your credit card number on any online store account.

• To avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime doesn’t reply to any email, pop ups message that asks your personal or financial information. Never use your credit card at a site you’re not sure you can trust.

• These criminals take advantage of Web browsers (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) and operating system software that don’t have the latest security updates. Keep your operating system updated/patched. Set it to “auto update”.

• Do not visit un-trusted websites or chase links supplied by unknown or un-trusted resources.

• Use separate passwords for work related and non-work related accounts.

• Do not open any attachments contained in doubtful e-mails.