Malware Removal Is Part Of Computer Repair

Malware Removal Is Part Of Computer Repair

Computer repair shops stay busy today because computers are the way that most people communicate. They are also the way the majority of people pay their bills, shop, bank, stay in touch with friends and family, and get entertainment. Computers have become such an important part of our lives that we cannot live one day without them.

Most of the time, the computer repair technician checks the system for the presence of a malware before they do any other type of trouble shooting to the machine. Repair technicians know that the majority of the time the machines that are brought to them are infected with a virus that is causing the device to act erratically or causing poor performance.

Removing all of the threats to your system is the first job of the repair technician, and then they will check your system out to make certain that the invader did not do any damages while it was there. Most viruses are harmless to the working components of your machine, but there are some viruses that can wipe all of the information off of your hard drive.

If your hard drive gets wiped clean then your system is down. The hard drive holds the information the system needs to boot up and to do even the most basic tasks. The repair technician will want to be certain that the virus you had on your machine did not leave an imprint on your hard drive.

Some of these viruses create hidden openings that allow them to re-enter your system in the event they are ever detected and removed. The actual removal of the program triggers the backdoor to open and leave the threatening program an opportunity to re-infect your system. The technician will want to make certain that no gateways have been created by the virus.

Your antivirus that you installed on your machine will be the first defense that you have when a bug is introduced to your computer. The problem is that no antivirus is capable of catching every malware in existence. There are new malware programs being designed as we speak. Your antivirus can only remove the threats that it is programmed to recognize, so when an unknown virus attacks the antivirus does nothing to stop it.

You can help your antivirus recognize more threats by keeping it updated. If you disable the antivirus program from getting automatic updates you will cheat yourself out of the best protection you can have. Keep your software updated and keep your operating system updated.