Grand Theft Auto VI revealed in major leak

For a studio with only a few properties, Rockstar Games rarely speaks about what it’s working next. So, when a huge leak spoils the next game in its most iconic series, it’s a pretty big deal. Plus, it’s an even bigger deal if the studio acknowledges the leak itself. That’s precisely where Rockstar finds itself after a seismic leak reveals volumes about the mythical Grand Theft Auto VI.

Last weekend, a user called teapotuberhacker posted what they claimed to be over 90 videos depicting early development for the upcoming game. Though one should always take huge leaks with a grain of salt, this particular dump had a lot going for it.

For one, the depicted graphics — albeit rough and early — were starkly reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption 2’s engine. From the volumetric fog to the gameplay of a heist, it seems like the real deal.

Further, the videos handily confirm a lot of the rumors previously reported about the game. For example, an early rumor suggested that Grand Theft Auto VI features two playable characters: a man and a woman. A few videos support this rumor including one that shows the supposed female character, named Lucia, robbing a restaurant. The leak also confirms the speculated return to Vice City.

Now, the clincher: Rockstar Games responded to the leak over a day later. In a Twitter post, the studio confirmed the footage’s authenticity but committed to the game’s development further. Notably, the tweet does not confirm specific details about the upcoming game.

Regardless, you’ll have to look harder to even see the leaks. While the original thread is still up, Rockstar Games is issuing takedown notices against those who put up the leaked footage.

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