Computer Virus and How It Affects Your Computer

Computer Virus and How It Affects Your Computer

Computer Virus and How It Affects Your Computer : There was a time when viruses were only hazardous to humans and other living things but as the new age was introduced to mankind, a lot of computers have fallen prey to different types of viruses. It has been said that viruses have been created by people who know a lot about computers. They know the exact components that can make computers and other gadgets act up and not function properly. It can be enough to make any person feel upset especially if the person needs to use the computer for work or other important use.

If you think that viruses are just a small thing then you are mistaken, there are some hardcore viruses that have affected large corporations and have resulted to the loss of billions of dollars. Some companies would have to repeat all of the data they have acquired because the virus managed to wipe out all of the things that they have completed over the past weeks, months or sometimes even years. Can you just imagine having all of your data one second then the next time you press something, it already disappears? Viruses can act up in one split second although there are times when viruses take a long time before they become detected.

Some viruses work fast while some will take their time to entirely damage different computer systems. A fast acting virus like the Mydoom worm affected millions of computers in just one day. There was even a virus that forced big companies to close down and start anew just because they cannot retrieve their files anymore. It can be a bit surprising that viruses have this effect on computers when in fact, viruses are considered to be somewhat simple. If you do not know a lot of information about viruses, it is about time that you learn more about how the types and how they are acquired.

One type of virus that is very common is the email virus. From the name itself, it is obvious that the virus is included in the email. It sometimes infects people when they open the email or when they click the attached file on the email. The file usually lets the virus free and it can just close down your whole system in a flash. There are times when the email virus can be dangerous because it would seem like it came from a person from your address book but the truth is the person did not even know that it was sent to your inbox. This is the reason why people fall prey to this kind of virus.

Another type of virus is the Trojan horse. A lot of people are aware of this virus but they are not too sure what type of virus it is. It is a type of computer program that can be clicked but the moment that you try to run it, it will stall and the horse like sound will be heard from your computer speakers. It is sometimes disguised as a game or a valuable computer program that you may need.

The worm is probably one of the most common types of viruses that have affected hundreds of millions of computers. What it does is it replicates itself again and again until it reaches another computer system or security enabled system. It will work its way through that system and again, replicate itself. It has been said that once this virus has already been put in your computer, there is a possibility that it will never go away no matter how hard you try to have your gadget reformatted or fixed.

Aside from the viruses that are mentioned above, there are still other types of viruses that can enter your computer through certain sites. Porn sites for instance are sometimes laced with so many viruses that people have infected and have gotten their different viruses through visiting different porn websites. Aside from these, there are still other viruses that can be acquired through gaming sites and the like.

Remember that while viruses can seem like a big deal, it may serve as a reminder to people that even through the age of technology; people can still be susceptible to different things. Having all these gadgets that are supposed to make work easier may not exactly be foolproof. It reminds people that human beings are still smarter than any gadget that may have ever been created and that is the best and the worst of a computer virus.