Video of Blocking Latest Magniber Ransomware Using V3 (AMSI

The ASEC analysis team introduced the Magniber variants in the blog posted on September 15th. From September 16th, the Magniber ransomware script, whilst still a javascript, has its file extension changed from *.jse to *.js. As Magniber changed to javascript starting September 8th, its operational method has also changed from the previous method. The currently distributed javascript file contains a

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Deconstructing Florian’s Bicycle – Malware News

Not long ago, Florian Roth shared some fascinating thoughts via his post, The Bicycle of the Forensic Analyst, in which he discusses increases in efficiency in the forensic review process. I say “review” here, because “analysis” is a term that is often used incorrectly, but that’s for another time. Specifically, Florian’s post discusses efficiency in the forensic review process during

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Bitdefender, Europol, Swiss police publish decryptor for

Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender published a new decryptor on Friday for LockerGoga, a strain of ransomware best known for its 2019 attack on Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro.

Bitdefender said it created the decryptor with the help of Europol, the Zürich Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Zürich Cantonal Police and the NoMoreRansom Project.

The group behind the ransomware has not been active

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EU moves to protect journalists from spyware – Malware News

European Union lawmakers are aiming to protect journalists from member states’ targeting them with spyware following a number of high-profile incidents across the bloc.

Alongside measures promoting ownership transparency and editorial independence, the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) proposed on Friday will introduce “strong safeguards against the use of spyware against media, journalists and their families.”

Article 4 of the

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School app Seesaw compromised to send shock NSFW image –

On Wednesday, parents and teachers reported that student learning platform, Seesaw, had been hacked after some users received an infamous explicit photo known as “goatse” on private chats. Schools from districts in Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas all experienced similar issues, and began to send out warnings like the one below:

San Francisco-based Seesaw,

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