BumbleBee: Round Two – Malware News

In this intrusion from May 2022, the threat actors used BumbleBee as the initial access vector. BumbleBee has been identified as an initial access vector utilized by several ransomware affiliates.

In this intrusion, we see the threat actor use BumbleBee to deploy Cobalt Strike and Meterpreter. The threat actor then used RDP and SMB to move around the network looking

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FARGO Ransomware (Mallox) Being Distributed to Vulnerable

The ASEC analysis team is constantly monitoring malware distributed to vulnerable MS-SQL servers. The analysis team has recently discovered the distribution of FARGO ransomware that is targeting vulnerable MS-SQL servers. Along with GlobeImposter, FARGO is one of the prominent ransomware that targets vulnerable MS-SQL servers. In the past, it was also called the Mallox because it used the file extension

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