With mattress landfill ban looming, Kennedy bill aims to

LOWELL — A new statewide ban on the disposal of mattresses and box springs via the waste stream or incinerators takes effect Nov. 1, and UTEC is readying for the shift.

The nonprofit serving justice-involved young adults, which runs a mattress recycling enterprise in Lawrence, is working with state Sen. Ed Kennedy to manage the potential implications for its community-based

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Coding the future | Currents Feature

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(PHOTO BY Karen Schaffner)

From left, Joselyn Pirro, 14, and Sagan Friskey, 18, work diligently at their computers learning Qiskit, a programming language that enables their computers to communicate with quantum computers.

At Quantum Quest, an all-girls quantum computing camp, 20 teenage female students recently stood on the precipice

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Which Are The Most In-Demand Programming Languages?

While most programming languages have their relevance in specific domains, there are the ones that are more widely used than others. As human activity is increasingly shifting to online realm, programming languages that cater to this space are more in demand. While you can choose to learn any programming language of your choice, earning potential will be more abundant if

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What Does It Take to Get There?

This article was contributed by Cynthia Madison who works as an author at SmallBizClub.com.

Tech careers have become more and more sought by candidates dreaming of a rewarding profession, and software development is one of the favorites in this case.

Every tech enthusiast’s goal is to have a go at popular, big-name companies like Microsoft, but this career path might

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