An Optimal Wagner-Fischer Algorithm For Approximate Strings

The Levenshtein distance is an efficient metric widely applied to evaluate the similarity between literal strings and other 1D sets. In this article, the optimal Wagner-Fischer algorithm for the Levenshtein distance computation and its implementation, are thoroughly discussed, by an example. The code samples in Python and NumPy demonstrate the similarity of literal strings evaluation, based on the Levenshtein distance …

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What science says about flow state (Ep. 484)


September 14, 2022

We chat with Thomas Fritz, Associate Professor of Human Aspects of Software Engineering, about what makes developers more productive.

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We feel our best and do our best work when we can completely focus on what we’re doing and apply our full abilities to a task. That feeling is called the flow state, and it requires both

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Creative Space Summer Camp kicks off on July 31


The Creative Space Summer Camp is set to kick off on July 31, providing students the opportunity to explore and learn various technological skills.
The two-week programme by Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU)’s Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) offers “an innovative computing learning experience to primary and middle school students”.
The QCRI said on its website that the camp, which

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