WIMI Hologram Academy: Virtual Reality-based Remote Vehicle

HONG KONG, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WIMI Hologram Academy, working in partnership with the Holographic Science Innovation Center, has written a new technical article describing their exploration of VR-based remote vehicle driving technology. This article follows below:

Driverless as well as artificial intelligence are the current research hotspots in the field of vehicles. Considering the cost of experiments,

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Robots And Machines Making Work Inclusive

The DAWN café in central Tokyo, Japan looks like any other modern service establishments in a bustling metropolis with its sleek architecture, open space and plenty of greenery. But there’s a catch. Instead of human staff, the floor is busy with robot staff who greet customers at the door; who help them find their seat and

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JPMorgan hires scientist Charles Lim to head

Dr. Charles Lim, Global Head of Quantum Communications and Cryptography, JP Morgan Chase

Courtesy: JP Morgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase has hired a Singapore-based quantum-computing expert to be the bank’s global head for quantum communications and cryptography, according to a memo obtained by CNBC.

Charles Lim, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore, will be focused on exploring next

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Older People on the Internet: Keys to Safe Surfing

Did you know that life expectancy in Spain reached 83.3 years in 2021? This means that we are living longer and longer. And thanks to the development of information and communications technology, we lead more and more connected lives. This presents society with the challenge of providing older people with safe internet surfing. 

The health crisis accelerated connectivity, which ceased

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The Quantum Era Is Arriving, And It Will Be Transformational

Recently, I had the honor of addressing the “Commercialising Quantum” conference on how organisations should prepare for quantum today, held under the stewardship of The Economist’s editors. My message was that some aspects of quantum technologies

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