Can Antivirus Software Cause a Slow Computer?

Can Antivirus Software Cause a Slow Computer?

You may have heard that the antivirus software you are using is what is causing your slow computer. In part this statement is true. Whatever you download and keep on your computer will cause it to lose some memory space, and thus cause it to run slightly slower than it did straight from the factory.

The antivirus software is not causing the computer to run slowly, the lessened amount of memory space, and the more things the machine has to do on start-up, are causing the machine to run a little slower. So what is causing the major slow down on your personal computer?

More than likely you are seeing the signs of a malware on the computer when you start to see it work slower. Small glitches in the way that your systems operate and the loss of speed in your system are both signs that an infection is present somewhere in your computer.

The antivirus software is the first line of defense against a major malware intrusion. Your antivirus software already knows of thousands of different malware types that have been used to get into people’s computers.

Your software scans your computer and looks for any of the known Trojans and when it finds them it gives them the boot. You software can only perform these tasks if you remember to set it to automatic scan status. If your program does not have automatic scans installed on it then just remember to run a full system scan once every seven days.

You must make sure that you allow your operating system to do all of the recommended updates. Your operating system can correct some invasions and infections if you keep it updated to the latest version. You must also update your antivirus so that you have the latest version. The latest version will know of more types of malware that exists and will be able to recognize and quarantine them when your system is scanned.

The small speed reduction you will get from installing antivirus software on your computer is more than worth the loss of speed. It will save you from having to have expensive computer repairs, and it can potentially save you from having all of your identity stolen. You do not want to get on the internet at all if you have not got antivirus software in place. So you have t be aware of it.