A Phone Cleaner Sticker That Ensures Your Device Remains Smudge and Smear Free

A Phone Cleaner Sticker That Ensures Your Device Remains Smudge and Smear Free

A Phone Cleaner Sticker That Ensures Your Device Remains Smudge and Smear Free : Has anyone else out there noticed the connection between the changing of seasons and the common cold? No matter the time of year, one occurrence seems to follow the other. Let’s take a closer look at an example of this phenomenon in action.

Me and My Shadow

Completing our examination will require a trip back in time. Rewind your clocks.

The day: Easter Sunday

The event: Dinner

The location: My sister’s house

I will set the scene. For the last week or so, it’s been unseasonably warm. People have been out and about enjoying the unexpected break in the weather; Easter is no exception. On this particular Sunday, I pile into the car with my sister and nieces. Our mission: tackle the shopping list for the dinner.

We are on the road for a grand total of 20 minutes when my youngest niece starts getting cranky and restless. I know exactly what to do. I pull up her favorite game on my cell and hand the phone back to her. She is happy and distracted all throughout our errands.

When we pull up to my sister’s house, my oldest niece takes her turn on the phone. We laugh, play, eat and enjoy each other’s company. Before long, the day comes to a close and I head home; a near-dead device in tow.

Can you see where this is going?

A Turn for the Worst

By Tuesday, the weather is rainy and chilly again. I get a text from my sister that says one of the girls got sick. I text my well-wishes back. By Wednesday, my sister and her other daughter are sick. By Thursday, it’s her husband. By early Friday morning, my number’s up too.

As I lie in bed recuperating from a nasty head cold, I start going over the events of the week in my head. What could have made me sick? The answer was sitting on my bedside table all along: my phone. I forgot to clean my phone!

In my defense, I haven’t had it that long. In fact, I realized I wasn’t sure how to properly clean it without ruining the screen. I began researching my options. Here is one method and here’s why I liked it:

The phone cleaner sticker (a microfiber sticker that sticks to the back of your phone)

· Sticks to the back of your phone and stays there

· Looks like an accessory, not an eye-sore

· Is easy to use on-the-spot, wherever you are

· Disinfects as it cleans

· Is a visual reminder so you don’t forget to clean your screen after each use

· Is reusable and doesn’t lose its staying power

Why is all of this important? The phone sticky cleaner is a germ fighting assistant when you have, or are continually in contact with small children or germs in general. You don’t have to use a kit or dig through your purse to find it. You can wipe out germs immediately and stick it to your phone to reuse as needed.


While the microfiber works great at eliminating germs and grime, the cleaner needs to be gently cleaned under warm running water every few weeks so it doesn’t become a source of germs itself. Also, not everybody is familiar with the product and in some cases they don’t know how to use it, thought it seems simple enough. Finally, after about six months or so they’ll need to be replaced.

Try a microfiber phone sticker for yourself and see.