Principles of Green Software Engineering with Marco Valtas

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Introduction [00:01]

Thomas Betts: Hi, everyone. Before we get to today’s episode with Marco Valtas, I wanted to let you know that Marco will be speaking at our upcoming software development conferences, QCon San Francisco and QCon Plus. Both QCon conferences focus on

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WIMI Hologram Academy: Virtual Reality-based Remote Vehicle

HONG KONG, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WIMI Hologram Academy, working in partnership with the Holographic Science Innovation Center, has written a new technical article describing their exploration of VR-based remote vehicle driving technology. This article follows below:

Driverless as well as artificial intelligence are the current research hotspots in the field of vehicles. Considering the cost of experiments,

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This mini muscle blaster fits in the palm of your hand (and

The Muscle Blaster Mini from Jawku.


Welcome to Gimme That, a column where we’ll highlight one notable item we think you might like. Whether it’s an article of clothing, an intriguing electronic device or anything in between, we want to share these items with you because they’ve generated a bit of chatter

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